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Why Choose Us

We are a local Professional buissnes which can provide a fast flexible service to your needs, we specialise in a wide range of areas dealing with computers which we can usually quote and diagnose before arrival.

We can also quote and give expert knowledge on possible upgrades on machines to what you are needing the Pc for.

about our work
although we have years of experience, we can prove to you why you should choose us over other companies
quick Support

With big companys you could be waiting on the phone for upto 4 hours just to know where your order or when it will be repaired, with us there is no hastle with our quick replies to keep you on top of where your job is 

call out repairs 

taking a computer to a computer shop or even the big stores can mean you could be waiting upto 2 weeks waiting for your repair, with our on call engineers we can even repair/ diagonose faults with your jobs in the comfort of your home 

Remote support

live to far away ore need emediate help with your PC? as long as you are connected to the internet we can help remote support into your computer and try diagnose the issues over the phone